2nd Halloween Mix - DUBOWEEN

Hi everyone..
Still pretty busy unfortunately, got 2 midterms tomorrow, the good thing is that I totally rocked the one I had today! :D
Buttt.. For tonight I have 8 hours to go and around 400 pages to read and memorize. I better get started after this.

Felt good after my exam, so I just wanted to make a dubstep mix for Halloween. I don't usually mix dubstep at all, but was really in the mood for it. Let me know what you think! The heavy bass kicks in around 4 minutes, the first 2 tracks, although dope, serve as kind of a buildup.

Duboween [LIVE DUBSTEP MIX] by renger

Will be updating with some streetart on Sunday probably. Some spooky stuff :)




Been away for a while, sorry guys.

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been really busy with school and stuff.. Got 3 midterms in 2 days starting tomorrow :( Still have 400 or so pages to read...
But yeah, just to let you know I haven't died! Just had a lot of real life stuff to deal with, what with uni and all..
I'm gonna leave you guys with my latest mix for Halloween, please let me know what you think! There's a free download :)Didn't really have much time for this mix either :P It was just done on the fly. Hopefully I'm a little more free after this week and can give you guys some great new tunes and street art!
Halloween Mix by renger



Hi all of you! First of all I'd like to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone who's supporting me by following! I'm at 105 followers now, I'm amazed at how fast this figure has risen! Stay tuned for more content starting tomorrow, I'm pretty tired at the moment. Just had a big Thanksgiving dinner (I'm Canadian, which is why it's on some other date), during which my ex girlfriend was talked about extensively, so I don't really feel like doing a full post at the moment. Will post a tune though. Love the lyrics.

It's what she lives for, kissing on the dancefloor.


Social Insurance Number.. and Twitch?

Hi all,
So I was wondering, have you guys ever had experiences with your government that were just strange? I've been living in BC for 2 years almost, but still don't have a Social Insurance Number. This is because, when I went to the place that gave them out, they said I couldn't show them a Canadian passport, because it didn't indicate "citizenship". They told me instead to bring my Canadian Citizenship Card, which, oh what a coincidence, is required for a Canadian passport. What's the point of this? There are some seriously pointless rules in place that just seem to HAVE to be reinforced by staff, despite not being logical. Let me know about your experiences with pointless, yet upheld rules in bureaucracy, be it government or company!

As you all know, I went out a couple days ago for my friend's birthday. We went to a pretty low key place, some club called The Academic. Music wasn't really my scene, it was mostly mainstream top 40 crap, as well as the usual "Don't Stoopppp Beliieeeevvinnnn" etc etc. But one song that was played really got me thinking back to the summer: Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix) by Gyptian. A pretty chill kind of track, with rasta vocals and a progressive synth. I really love this song, saw Major Lazer live back in summer and it was amazing. If you ever get the chance to, make sure you see them! The live act is insane!
Here's the song:

I've been playing LoL again, if you're interesting in playing, here's my referral link:


It's a free to play game which picked up 5 awards at the Game Developers Conference: the Choice Online Audience Award, Best Online Game Design, Best Visual Arts, Best Online Technology, and Best New Online Game. Needless to say, it's a great game!
For those of you who already play.. You all know it's free champion weekend! So I decided to try a character that I've long regarded as being overpowered: Twitch. These are the results:
I just used the same runes I use with Shaco, and the same item build. It works better on twitch than it does on Shaco! However, the hero is extremely squishy and on occasion I went negative in terms of score, at least for the early game phase. By the way, the above are my first 6 games as Twitch, never played him before.

Since you guys mostly loved that art by Los Piratos from last week, here's another sample of their work, as well as a couple pieces I'm really digging.


Hannibal Vector

Los Piratos

Los Piratos

Well, hoped you guys enjoyed this Sunday update! Let me know which piece of art you think is the nicest!


Wildstyle Method

Hey guys! So here's a track that I've been listening to a lot lately, it's the latest release from Bassnectar, "Wildstyle Method". The drop is extremely heavy (at 0:41), and has me looking forward to seeing him in December!
Check it out, vid is here:

And here's a little street art to go with it (Really digging the German street art scene as of late, this stuff is all from Hamburg):

Unknown Artist

Elephantidae by Maribel

By Los Piratos

Rub a Dub by Ash

Well that's all for today.. Sorry for the kind of textless post. I'm still really hungover from last night. Hope you enjoy it anyway! Let me know which piece is your favourite!



Clouds Are Really Good At Music

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce you to an AMAAAZING remix by Clouds, a group recently signed onto Fake Blood's label. They're really moving up very quickly.
Here's the remix in question, listen to it LOUD, with your subs turned all the way up :D
Swagger (Clouds remix) by Dem Slackers

I actually have a video of that song being dropped at Dada Life, shit went crazy! Think I may upload it to Youtube later, it's really quite an insane video, they play an unreleased song "Rolling Stone T Shirt" afterwards. One of the crazier raves in my life. May also upload a video from Wolfgang Gartner, namely him playing his collaboration with Deadmau5 "Animal Rights".

Since you guys have asked me for more gaming material, as well as more street art (at least from the poll on the side) I will do a quick review of a couple games I've been playing as of late (I play on the PC).

First game: Darksiders. I found this game was interesting an looked pretty badass at first, but quickly declined. It borrows from a lot of different games, and eventually I just put it down (that's right, I didn't beat it.) Here's the review from Yahtzee, pretty much summarizes how I feel about the game:

Second game: FIFA 2011. A lot of you may think this isn't really a proper game.. I mean of course it's just a simulation, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! I really enjoyed this, many improvements from FIFA '10, and the Scouting system is notably better in manager mode. A really great game, becoming more and more realistic every year. Here's the trailer:

Also, kept playing LoL, have been playing a lot of Cho'Gath lately. Pretty fun stuff. Let me know what your favourite heroes are if you play LoL!

Here's some street art for you guys, found a lot of amazing stuff today.
Blu, in Vienna

Herbert Bagli, in San Paolo. This is one of those "How did he get up there?!" pieces. Love it.

"Libre", in Hamburg, artist unknown.

Nestdafoe of Hamburg

Well that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed it and that the bangin' song helped your viewing experience :D
Remember to vote on the poll on the right! It helps me decide what comes in future posts :) Also, post some games you think I should check out!


Quick Street Art Post.

Hey everyone, just saw this stuff and HAD to post it ASAP. For you street art lovers, this stuff is just amazing.
This guy is called SeaCreative, and his work is certainly very creative.

SeaCreative again.
Artist Unknown - Germany

Slurg from Germany. Reminds me a little of Gengar

Aaand. Here's some dubstep to go with that. I like that this song's pretty nice and haunting. Love the lyrics.

[EDIT] Felt like giving you guys more Numbernin6. Here you go, I LOVE the bass in this tune:

Let me know what you think! I sometimes just love relaxing to some dubstep and looking at pure creativity on a wall.



I like it on the...

Hey everyone.
So one thing that's really been pissing me off lately - all these girls with their status updates saying "I like it on the..". I mean some people might think that these girls are just being deliberately provocative. It means where they like putting their purse, and has arisen as a result of chains/messages forwarded over and over in order to raise awareness for Breast Cancer this month. I mean.. I am all for helping those who suffer from cancer. I myself have had experience with ex girlfriends with close relatives suffering from cancer.. So I know what kind of strain these people are under, let alone the sufferers themselves. But REALLY. How does seeming like a slut help raise "awareness" for the cause. If anything it's a setback to the progress that has already been made in gender equality. This kind of behaviour just makes us men think it's okay to regard women as objects. Also, not being mean or anything.. But breast cancer already has widespread awareness in comparison to other diseases. What needs to be done is not promoting awareness, but promoting donations. The thing that is lacking most in cancer research labs is funding, and this could be changed by starting a huge donation drive, rather than starting a rather useless viral message on Facebook/other networking sites.

On the topic of cancer, a really good show I've recently finished watching is Breaking Bad, the story of a lung cancer patient who turns to cooking meth to pay for his treatment and help set his family up for the future. You may recognize the lead actor as the dad from Malcolm in the Middle.. But this show really highlights his actual skill in acting. It's fantastic. The trailer is below:

I've been eating WAY too much sushi lately, here's a pic of my dinner tonight :P. Let me know in the comments section if you have any rolls to recommend! This is a combo with Dynamite Roll, California Roll and Spicy Salmon Maki Roll. Delicious.

Onto music. I still haven't gotten my tickets for Skrillex, was too lazy to go downtown.. But just heard an AMAZING new remix from the man:


Also, may be seeing Borgore in November! A tune by him below:

Borgore - Foes by Dubstep

Oh and asking for a little help here :P I'm in a competition with Letsmix and Pioneer at the moment. Please check out my September Mix here. There's a free download in the description, and there will be more free downloads coming up, October Mix coming out around the 20th :D.

Hope you enjoyed this little update. Will be more content to come!



Hello everyone.
I'm pretty stoked at the moment, seeing the man SKRILLEX in a few weeks live! He's recently signed on deadmau5's mau5trap label, looking forward to seeing him rock the place with Nero. Halloween is awesome.
Also thinking of going to see Huoratron, will update you guys.
Here's some vids of the artists in question :P

SKRILLEX! (This song has been on repeat for DAYS.):

Huoratron (These guys have the CRAZIEST videos, scary stuff. Good for Halloween.)

Oh, been having good fun with LoL lately. Here's what my Match History looks like today.

Heh, anyway, that's all for now. Gonna update with Skrillex tickets and new music!
Till next time



An Intro to this Blog.

Hi there. I'm Renger.

This is just a quick introduction as to what I'm going to be covering on this blog :).
It'll be anything from new electronic music (anything from electro to progressive and dubstep!), my own personal monthly mixes, gaming to street art. So pretty much everything that interests me.. Hopefully it'll interest you guys too.
I'll start this off with a summary of my favourite stuff currently:

Really digging Wolfgang Gartner's new release Illmerica, just came out today!
Check out the preview here, and BUY IT! This was on his facebook:
"i wanted to let you know how much work goes into these tracks. i am not a guy who bangs out a track on a laptop on a 6 hour flight. Illmerica took me 3 weeks to make. about 300hrs of work. A lot of other producers make music very fast, and that's fine! but the stuff I do to get this sound requires a lot of time. I wanted to say i hugely appreciate every one of you who buy my music!"
I'm a pirate at heart but when someone spends THAT much time on just one track, I feel like he deserves the $2.49. Plus, it's a sick track.

I've also been enjoying this new preview of a song by Steve Duda (a buddy of Deadmau5). Listen here

Hmm gaming. I'm playing League of Legends quite a lot lately, pretty good free game, in the style of the old Warcraft 3 mod DotA or Defence of the Ancients. Been doing pretty well with this one hero Mordekaiser, although looking forward to getting the newly released Swain. Check the game out here! It's especially great since it's free :D.
I actually bought this, the game is free though.

Been trying out Starcraft 2 as well, but I'm really quite terrible at it. May work on that later.

I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop the other day, was actually quite impressed with it! It really helped my understanding of how graffiti and street artists operate, while giving some insight into the huge selling power of hype. I'll leave you with a couple samples of a street artist whose work I enjoy, El Mato of Chile.

Well that's all for now.. Will be posting a couple times a week :) Enjoy!

Oh, for some of my personal background, I'm an electro DJ based in Vancouver/Hong Kong.
You can listen to my latest mix here, there's a free download. I play mostly electro, with bits of dubstep thrown in. More mixes are available on my SoundCloud. Bookings are available here.