An Intro to this Blog.

Hi there. I'm Renger.

This is just a quick introduction as to what I'm going to be covering on this blog :).
It'll be anything from new electronic music (anything from electro to progressive and dubstep!), my own personal monthly mixes, gaming to street art. So pretty much everything that interests me.. Hopefully it'll interest you guys too.
I'll start this off with a summary of my favourite stuff currently:

Really digging Wolfgang Gartner's new release Illmerica, just came out today!
Check out the preview here, and BUY IT! This was on his facebook:
"i wanted to let you know how much work goes into these tracks. i am not a guy who bangs out a track on a laptop on a 6 hour flight. Illmerica took me 3 weeks to make. about 300hrs of work. A lot of other producers make music very fast, and that's fine! but the stuff I do to get this sound requires a lot of time. I wanted to say i hugely appreciate every one of you who buy my music!"
I'm a pirate at heart but when someone spends THAT much time on just one track, I feel like he deserves the $2.49. Plus, it's a sick track.

I've also been enjoying this new preview of a song by Steve Duda (a buddy of Deadmau5). Listen here

Hmm gaming. I'm playing League of Legends quite a lot lately, pretty good free game, in the style of the old Warcraft 3 mod DotA or Defence of the Ancients. Been doing pretty well with this one hero Mordekaiser, although looking forward to getting the newly released Swain. Check the game out here! It's especially great since it's free :D.
I actually bought this, the game is free though.

Been trying out Starcraft 2 as well, but I'm really quite terrible at it. May work on that later.

I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop the other day, was actually quite impressed with it! It really helped my understanding of how graffiti and street artists operate, while giving some insight into the huge selling power of hype. I'll leave you with a couple samples of a street artist whose work I enjoy, El Mato of Chile.

Well that's all for now.. Will be posting a couple times a week :) Enjoy!

Oh, for some of my personal background, I'm an electro DJ based in Vancouver/Hong Kong.
You can listen to my latest mix here, there's a free download. I play mostly electro, with bits of dubstep thrown in. More mixes are available on my SoundCloud. Bookings are available here.



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  2. Nice! Looking forward to more of your dj mixes!

    My roommate plays LoL all day.. LOL

  3. that's some really cool wall art

  4. Oh, I love electronic music, so I will be sure to follow this one :P